Your Hormone Advisor Pharmacist Frank

Hormone Consult Program Overview

This program has been designed to help you begin your journey to bioidentical hormone replacement.   I will work with you to approach your physician to get the treatment you desire.

Program will consist of a complete consultation with pharmacist Frank and I will evaluate your symptoms and lab work or determine which hormones need testing.   We will then write a complete clinical consult to present to your doctor, or we will contact your doctor for you to obtain a prescription(s) for bioidentical hormones.   If your doctor refuses to prescribe BHRT after our reviewing our assessment I will provide you with referrals to a physician that will.

A consult will last 30 - 60 minutes.  The fee for that consult is $75.00.  Repeat clients after 6 months the follow up consult fee is $50.00.  I will follow up and make adjustments, answer questions for up to 6 months.  Payment is requested by credit card, check or cash  for the consultation fee and hormone saliva test for $ 45.00 per hormone at the conclusion of the consult.  You may also purchase your own saliva test kit on- line or from another provider and I will still do an assessment for you for the regular consult fee.   Two or less hormones tested is $50.00 each.

Procedure for a Consult

  • Call for or send an email to set up a consult with pharmacist Frank.

  • The fee for the Saliva Test Kit is dependent of the type of hormone and number tested.  The charge is $45.00 per hormone tested.  Two or less hormones is $50.00 each.

  • Once the results of the Saliva Test have been received by  pharmacist Frank I will notify you of the assessment and the suggested therapy for the prescription, by email.

  • I will contact your physician and obtain a prescription(s)  for you, sending him your results and our assessment.

  • Once your physician has approved prescription(s) for you, I will  send them to the Compounding Pharmacy of your choice.

  • Telephone consults may be made instead of Telemedicine (Virtual call) by telephone by appointment.  You will need to complete a women's medical history and symptom chart  or men's symptom and medical history form and consent form and either fax or email them to the consultant pharmacist prior to your appointment date. If you are having special problems and have time before your appointment you want to chart your symptoms by each day with our "Daily Symptom Chart"

When it's time  for your appointment you can click on this link to join the Virtual Consult.  For phone consults I will call you at the time of the appointment.

Consent Agreement

I agree that I have read and understand all of the information above